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Canada extending India flight restrictions until September

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Canada is increasing restrictions on Indian flights for another month.

According to a Transport Canada media release, the ban on direct flights between Canada, India and Canada will be in place until September 21st, 2021 as part of a continuing public health measure. All commercial and private passenger direct flights have been suspended. Only medical transfers, cargo operations and military flights can be flown directly between the countries.

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These restrictions mean that travellers from India cannot travel to Canada via India. They will have to use an indirect route. Travellers from India must pass a pre-arrival screening from a third country within 72 hours of their departure from Canada. It can be any country, other than India. Other countries may have their own coronavirus-related procedures.

In April, Canada banned direct flights from India. It was because of a high number of Indian travellers who had tested positive for COVID-19 at the time. In June, the government also placed restrictions on Pakistani flights. However, this restriction was lifted in June.

Schools and border openings are affected by flight ban

This ban could be a problem for Indian students, as many Canadian schools plan to begin in-person classes this fall. While international students who are COVID-19-ready institutions do not have to travel restrictions, this ban could cause parents and students additional travel planning and budgeting. A large number of international students from India are Canadian. About 30% of all international students studying in Canada are from India.

Starting September 7, fully vaccinated tourists coming from India and other countries will be permitted to enter Canada. These new rules will be applied to all those who have been fully vaccinated by Astra Zeneca/COVISHIELD or any other Canada-approved vaccine. Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin has not been approved by Canada at this time. This means that travellers who have received this vaccine won’t be permitted to enter Canada for non-essential reasons. Travellers who have received this vaccine are still allowed to enter Canada, but they will need to be self-isolated at home. They will be required to submit COVID-19 testing upon arrival as well as on day 8 of their quarantine.

While vaccinated travellers must still adhere to the India flight ban restrictions but are not required to undergo post-arrival testing or quarantine, they may be exempt from any additional requirements. All travellers who have been fully vaccinated must still undergo a pre-arrival COVID-19 and quarantine plan, regardless of where they are from.

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