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Ontario PNP invites immigrants working in health, agriculture, and manufacturing

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Ontario invited 48 immigrants to apply for a nomination as a provincial candidate on August 11.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program held its second-ever draw for In-Demand Skills under its new intake system. Ontario’s new Expression of Interest (EOI) system replaces the old first-come-first-served model, and means that interested candidates can register at any time for a chance to receive an invitation from Ontario. To put it another way, candidates can “express their interest” in applying for a provincial nomination under the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program.

Find out if you are eligible for Canadian immigration

This draw did not require a score. Candidates invited to the In-Demand Skills stream must be eligible and have job offers for the following occupations. These occupations are listed in alphabetical order according to their National Occupational Classification code (NOC).

Agriculture and health:

NOC 3413 – Nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates

NOC 4412: Home support workers and related occupations (exclusions housekeepers).

NOC 8431 – general farm workers

NOC 8432: Nursery and greenhouse workers

NOC 8611 – harvesting labourers

NOC 9462: Industrial butchers and meat cutters as well as poultry preparers and other related workers

Manufacturing (outside of the Greater Toronto Area):

NOC 9411: Machine operators, mineral and metallic processing

NOC 9416: Metalworking and Forging Machine Operators

NOC 9417: Machine tool operators

NOC 9418 – Other metal product machine operators

NOC 9421 Chemical plant machine operators

NOC 9422 – plastics processing machine operator

NOC 9437 – Woodworking machine operators

NOC 9446 – industrial sewing machine operators

NOC 9461: Process control and machine operators, food and beverage processing

NOC 9523 – Electronic assemblers, fabricators and inspectors, as well as testers

NOC 9526 – Mechanical assemblers, inspectors

NOC 9536 – Industrial painters, metal finishing process operators and coaters

NOC 9537 – Other products assemblers and finishers, inspectors

Candidates who have received an invitation today have 14 days to apply in a provincial nomination. This will support their application of permanent residency.

About the In-Demand Skill Stream

This program is more focused on the province’s demand than on occupation skill levels. Many immigration programs target occupations considered “highly skilled.” However, Ontario has labour shortages for occupations that are “lowly skilled.”

You can apply for the In-Demand Skill stream. For foreign workers who have been offered a job in Ontario, they can apply for a nomination if they have nine months of cumulative work experience within the last three years. Seasonal work experience does not qualify for the work requirement. If the candidate has worked the required amount of hours, part-time work may be acceptable. You must have worked at least 1,200 hours in a single job for 18 months. For those with more than one job it would be equivalent to working at least 30 hours per semaine for nine months, totaling 1,200 hours.

There are many other requirements. Candidates must have a high school diploma, a minimum of 4 in each language, and sufficient settlement funds.

List of occupations in high demand

NOC Code Occupation

3413 Nursing aides, orderlies, and patient service associates

4412 Home support workers, and related occupations (excluding housekeepers)

7441 Servicers and installers for residential and commercial properties

7511 Truck drivers

7521 Heavy equipment operators (except crane)

8431 General farm workers

8432 Nursery and greenhouse workers

8611 Harvesting labourers

7611 Construction trades labourers and helpers

9462 Industrial butchers and meat cutters, poultry preparationrs, and related workers

Only available to candidates who are not from the Greater Toronto Area

NOC Code Occupation

9411 Operators in mineral and metal processing

9416 Forging and metalworking machine operators

9417 Machining tools operators

9418 Operators of other metal products machines

9421 Operators of chemical plant machines

9422 Operators of plastics processing machines

9437 Woodworking machine operators

94446 Sewing machine operators in the industrial sector

9461 Food, beverage, and related products processing, process control and machine operators

9523 Electronics assemblers/fabators, inspectors, and testers

9526 Inspectors and assemblers of mechanical components

9536 Industrial painters and metal finishing process operator

9537 Other product assemblers, inspectors, and finishers

How can you earn points for Ontario immigration?

Ontario ranks EOI profiles based upon a variety of human capital factors the province considers important for selecting immigrants who have the potential to succeed. Points are awarded for your Canadian work experience and the skill level of your job.

The OINP scoring system varies depending on the stream you are applying for. It takes into consideration your skill level, work experience, and education. To meet labour market demands, the province can also allocate 10 points.

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